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The photo above of the little guy stuffing a handful of birthday cake into his mouth is of Colin Taylor.   Some of his favorite things are the Ninja Turtles, Batman and Nintendo. Born into poverty in Oshawa, Ontario, Colin was neglected by his caregivers and abused regularly. He was left with a woman his mother thought she could trust babysitting him. Colin was not treated fairly and was abused by the babysitter who hit and locked Colin in a small room in the basement alone where he was threatened to be quiet and held without his mother's knowledge. Colin suffered this for nearly a year before one day his mother came to get him early, and only when the woman had to enter the basement alone to get him did she realize that he was being locked in the basement alone. Colin has suffered horrible abuse and has nightmares every night since his horrible ordeals as a child. He is afraid to go places and is scared to make new friends. Even though Colin has attended therapy sessions he still suffers horrible after effects of his traumatic experience. His family is in need of money to help him better his life and is asking for your help. Please help make Colin's life, a life filled with more fun and happiness. You can make a difference for him. Show him he isn't alone and never was. Thank you dearly. God Bless you. 

-Mary Collins

First Alliance Church

Please use the button below to donate. You can donate whatever you would like to. Special messages left for Colin are greatly appreciated. God bless.